ALREEM Launching Event

Sandstorm announced today the launch of “Al Reem” the very first Emirati 4X4 SUV. The car is launched in the local market and the rest of the Arab region by 2019. The company is to introduce 1000 cars at first, followed by 6000 cars in phase II in addition to announcing the launch of its pickup, (S24) in a press conference held at Al Forsan Sports Resort in Abu Dhabi. The press conference was attended by Emirati sheikhs and Excellencies: Sheikh Saud Bin Faisal Al Qasimi, Sheikh Nasser Bin Khalifa Al Suweidi, Sheikh Rakad Al Ameri & HE Mohammed Khalifa Al Mazrouei. And from the Defense Industries Directorate - Ministry of Defense, Major General Ishaq Al Balushi, Brigadier General Khalifa Al Kaabi, Colonel Obaid Al Naqib, Colonel Nasser Al Ali, Major General Saeid Saif Al Nuaimi, Deputy Director of the Department of Transport and Rescue in Dubai Police, Brigadier General Ahmed Suhail and HE Mohammed Khalifa Al Mazrouei.

And form Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the press conference attended by: Mr. Fawaz bin Youssef bin Mohammed Al Sharhan, and from Kingdom of Bahrain Sheikh Mohammed bin Salman Al Khalifa and the Sultanate of Oman attended by HE Dr. Khalid bin Saeed Al Jaradi, Omani Ambassador to the UAE. & Bahrain’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Salman Al Khalifa attended.

Diplomats and military personnel from the Arab Republic of Egypt also attended the press conference, HE Ambassador Wael Gad The Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt and spouse, HE Chancellor Essam Bureka, the Commercial Attaché in the Egyptian Embassy and his wife, the General Staff of the War of Mohamed Fathi Ismail Mohamed Omar, Deputy Chairman of the Armament Authority, Major General Engineer Mohamed Mohamed Anis Ahmed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arab American Automotive Company AAV, Major General Mohamed Madani Ali Al Nahtawi - Director of AAV, HE Brigadier General Ahmed Ali Zaher, Defense Attaché in the Egyptian Embassy and spouse, HE Brigadier General Alaa Mohammed Amin Mr. Ramadan - Representative of the Department of Vehicles in the armament of the armament, Colonel Izzat Mohamed Ali Badran - Representative of the Technical Research and Development Department of the Armed Forces, Colonel Ahmed Mohammed Samir, Assistant Defense Attaché and spouse, Major Mohammed Morsi Younis Abdel Azim Sulaiman - Manufacturing Branch Authority armament.

From the Kingdom of Jordan, the conference was attended HE Brigadier General Fares Al-Ateen the Military Attaché in the Jordanian Embassy, HE Ahmed Sarhan Ahmad Al-Faqih - Retired Staff Former Public Security Director, Mr. Mohammed Dheif-Allah Sulaiman Al Momani - First Lieutenant General Security.

Dr. Magida AlAzazi, CEO of Sandstorm declared “we are proud of this great achievement and of being the first factory in the UAE to manufacture various models of 4X4 vehicles.” She also mentioned that the factory was established in 2017 after thoroughly considering its design and production capacity by contracting international manufacturers from Europe and East Asia for the past five years. It is worth mentioning that cars manufactured in Sandstorm factory are according to Gulf Specifications after running several tests through a reputable German company. Accordingly, approval certificates were obtained. The current temporary production line capacity is 1000 cars per year to be gradually increased to 6000 Al Reem and S24 cars per year by the second quarter of 2019 when the new factory opens.

Dr. AlAzazi also added that Sandstorm factory is considered the first step towards attracting international automotive manufacturers to the country, which contributes to the development of the local industries sector and places Emirates in a leading role in the region.

“Since the inauguration of our factory we received a lot of offers from Egyptian, French and Indian companies to open branches for their feeding industries, which is considered an added value to the country’s economy and a main source of attraction for investment capital. We intend to keep building more factories in the future in the field of automotive manufacturing.” AlAzazi added.

As for the reasons behind choosing the names of company and the cars, AlAzazi said: “we chose the name Sandstorm for our factory to imply the power and strength of the car and how it masters the performance in off road which makes a big geographic part of the countries in the region. The logo was designed according to the good omen of “Al Reem” the wild gazelle that is spread in the region and especially in Abu Dhabi. That being said, future cars made by Sandstorm will carry names of Arab Gazelles from the region like AL Reem, Al Dimany and others. “Out of the main objective, which is to support local industries, Dr. AlAzazi relied on local expertise in addition to foreign experts. Accordingly, 30% of administrative and technical jobs are fulfilled by local calibers to gain further professional experience in this field. Sandstorm seeks to build highly skilled manpower to support the country’s industry and economy in line with Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision.

For more information please contact:
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